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Code Name Price  
CAS-4-STL-R Add-on 4 in. Steel/Rigid(+5-5/8 in. Ht) $134.92
CAS-4-STL-S Add-on 4 in. Steel/Swivel(+5-5/8 in. Ht) $134.92
CAS-4-STL-S-B Add-on 4 in. Steel/Swivel/Wheel Brake(+5-5/8 in. Ht) $160.32
CAS-4-RBR-R Add-on 4 in. Rubber/Rigid(+5-5/8 in. Ht) $134.92
CAS-4-RBR-S Add-on 4 in. Rubber/Swivel(+5-5/8 in. Ht) $134.92
CAS-4-RBR-S-B Add-on 4 in. Rubber/Swivel/Wheel Brake(+5-5/8 in. Ht) $160.32
CAS-6-STL-R Add-on 6 in. Steel/Rigid(+7-1/2 in. Ht) $206.21
CAS-6-STL-S Add-on 6 in. Steel/Swivel(+7-1/2 in. Ht) $206.21
CAS-6-STL-S-B Add-on 6 in. Steel/Swivel/Wheel Brake(+7-1/2 in. Ht) $287.70
CAS-6-RBR-R Add-on 6 in. Rubber/Rigid(+7-1/2 in. Ht) $206.21